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y point is that at least make sure you were calling tonight and reserve it because you know you a 60 day money back window when your getting as it gets even if it is for yourself you pawtucket under the from year to year.if it is it grandparents data are mom and tonight is the night and today is your day and remember not only final quantities but will be down 2 1/3 of a quantity is at lowest price for a kindle fire end a talent for the rest of the year. and a tablet for
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the rest of the year. if you read those magazines and they love the candle firethey loved the the candle fire tabletcandkindletablets. >>guest: these are the programs and you do most you have the net and reedbirds you can dotos, open documents or play games and for example amanda opened up the apps center on my
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and maybe i will go to the amazon apps store to get new or by new so i can do that.s is also simple to do% at every day the amazon apps store has 40 app of the day and it is out of this world. >>host:is the name that you trust and the brand you one at a price to you been waiting for. it is lowest price tablet for the rest of the year and i am getting nervous. this from my final pairing with it and i know we are or have a busy day we are off to an amazing kidding guys you need to make a beeline to your fault and remember you will get a 60 day money back guarantee with its sleeker download and everything your heart desires but more rugged as well
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with the 30% durable than the plastic that kids are playing with their toys at all. really you need this and i know i am making everybody crazy about the case but i love the case and we sold a third of the quantity already. i think it is a nice tax that we have done because it looks like a high-tech has met fashion and has excellent grip and it has an easel design with the sleeve to anchor your kindle fire in place and we will a third of the quantity right now and right here i hope you are calling would love to a sure way. aaron berger thank you exhibition for i might not see you tomorrow and that makes me sad. aaron. >>guest: shar
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shanno >>host: look at bill duggan he's like my boy saturday and kenya family downs families and spoon the grapes as wealth that is for later. we have apple mac book pro around the corner of this was also done for me for this show and the show only. if you want to enter the world of vacuum know how famous they are for operating system when it comes to their videos and graphics if this is also in salad quantities it is coming up next. thanks and welcome to spotlight your code to guide your hsn we want to beat the rush and avoid the crowds. you can get
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all of your holiday shopping reaches a website check out our gift store type in key words tiffs jewelry and so much more is to give season and you can shops' special pricing and shipping with great flex pay offers check out our hsn website. [commercial] [reading]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning watching i am your hose robin wall. i will join you at 2:00 a.m. and mike mezack is back appeals like it is been awhile. we have some special offers to share with you if you are looking for a complete set of quarters layered the 24 care cold and check we have here this morning for early 9 $9 a night by and we to reflect payments of $33.32 and you are not only going to get the complete set of state and territories quarter set the turquoise to ink received a zero red box it is $79
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value just for the box it is a crazy good price so i hope you will start ordering early in makes a great gift for the holidays and then coming up3 4:00 a.m. if we have a full hour of singer sewing is one of the most recognizable names in the world of selling. if we have tons of customer picks and the sewing machine record to offer is a commercial break heavy-duty sewing machine. but retail value of the sewing machine pricingwith lots of reviews with free shipping and handling and 4 flex payments of $44.99. there is nothing virtually this sewing c13 cannot so 30 whether it is for work apply all your own business designer roam fashions for the holidays this is that sewing machine coming up at 4:00 a.m. and i will see you at 2:00 a.m. with clients here is my good friend shannon.
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>>host: 80 robin if you try to get through on the television we have fewer 200 and is it possible to show the graphic with flex payments because you only have 20 minutes to qualify for by flex payments and 5 flexplay men's only for this hour and it also holds true for the macbook pro that we will show you this morning. we are almost 8500 s sold for the kindle fire tablet so please do not hang up is a third of the quantity and i promise this will my final airing of it. it is now about making computer technology so much easier and of course we have our friend bill duggan who is back. that
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if there is a computer that is famous notre hsn but the world over it is the is lightweight and gives you the performance of a high-end computer it is everything all in one. is >>guest: so and so sexy. you 1 this keyboard is6 c13 back lead keyboard and you can compute in the dark it is a glass soft pad and the metal casing is all one piece of metal so if it drops it is one solid piece it will crack. what you will be receiving is a phenomenal construction and it is the thickness of the time so you could take it wherever you go. you can spin around and see how beautiful it is a and i want a pen out all these amazing ports sweater built- in you have an slot for you to picture camera and
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pitchers, 2 usb ports and usb three technology which will allow you to transfer data that a standard usb you have a thunderbolt and that is something that intel and apple developed to allow you to transfer it permission 10 times faster than usb since you can in the south at a faster rate. there's also an intel five core processor it has made it a mac daddy of laptops. >>host: allegis declined in the left again and if possible i want to keep the flex payment arrangement at the bottom of the screen for most of the airing6 c13 they allowed me 5 flex payments only for the show in the show only. you only have 20 minutes to qualify for the flex payments on the tv and 20 minutes to qualify for the flex payments on the
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apple macbook pro this is all final quantities for the year and also has free shipping for which we never do on our computers. and bill is right because mac is famous their videos, and in the activities and their ease of use and the other thing is that there really famous for is how they've really sync with the rest of your life. a whole experience when you look at them macbook pro and you have your eye stonei- >>guest: say our tablets phones spacing so well with the mac pro and what you are getting is the 5 8 gb hard drive store
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stuff because there's nothing worse when you've reached capacity on a tablet and you have to delete.just reduce white on your phone or tablet look house moving control this as i am swiping through an adjoining the pictures this occurs because of the processor that is involved i can pitch and zoom in and out of my pictures to get all lot closer of my pictures and this is what apples brings to us. i am sorry to show you all these applications that are up and running. >>host: live my i found but normally you can't do swiping on the computer and the thing that i find so great is that in the television department anybody whowho works there is using be
1:43 am is an interactive foot video experience are watching movies and this is important to be perfectly honest in a whirl high- definition and graphics and a visual loss or videos the mac book pro pear and elite status they are literally the rolls royce and pinnacle of all the laptops. if required to invest your money do not let the streamlining of design full you to think it is not a turbo boost computer but the big thing is flex payments is done after the show so when i go bye-bye so do the flex payments. (...) the
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day off after the show i am so jealous. >>guest: re you how communicate so well together on a point to show you my i photo because remember is that is normally an purchase and wheat are gonna go back here so you can see how quickly. >>host: like bill says it is the best of all worlds of like the perfect marriage of a quick it goes. so that you know we have very limited quantities and time on this as well. >>guest: i pulled up the candle navigate and i am gonna show you because i am editing video software and usually you would have to shut allthe apps down to do something like this.
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so user friendly you'll have to be a graphics artist or a mechanical engineer to have fun with it. all year e-mail's are here on one location i can just press play on this video in betted on an e-mail. >>host: may be thinking that i am not a artist by you want to postings on this book or youeven face book is uses a drop to zero. employers whether you like it or not they look at your face book or u2 and if you want to present yourself in a professional like this will make social media and social videos or family time it will
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take it up to a whole new level. importantly, it will make easy and and it separates have the both of these were all such as all this poweryour palm of your hands. you sought a graphically that it weighs over with over 4 oz pounds it is lightweight and it has high- definition based time care also included with this. this is a big deal because over the holidays i am fortunate that hsn let me go home to see my family which and so grateful internally but i will say that most of us do not get to see our and that they're in another state or serving in the military air even if you want to see your hobby while traveling. my nail technician for example stipes with her kids when she's at work as she works on hours so even for
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those every communications it will enrich everything. if you are part of the mac world allegis (...) the 208 left you 12 minutes to qualify for the flex payments because this is billed areas where we have the final 200 available.i will tell you thatc13 team with the flex payments on mitsubishi tv and the apple macbook pro and they really did not want to do so it took some convincing because we hold the balance because that you not paying the entire purchasing price you are paid fifth of the
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purchase price you can add the movies and steve yourself. and woody during never built? >>guest: of you with my tablet and found them what state uploaded immediately to my mac book with them and not having to sink. >>host: i guess the whole point is that we live through our computers and we are judged by what we post. that is get, whether it is date or getting a new job or just in ritchie your face book or doing6 c13
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social media for your family and friends you will appreciate the power and told of the apple macbook pro. this is the perfect partnerthis does it will work hand-in-hand to do your heavy-duty works are in graphics. maybe you have somebody going to college or at work there will love having it. we are lucky we have it available 5 flexplay and it is only for the show and only for this area. once the clock expires the flexplay men will expires to keep that in c13 are saying 9 minutes sellout and you want power and to do everything games and when you do office programming on it is amazing what you can do and find via the internet. conduce so
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much the apple macbook pro you are engaged and you are looking better because you to present yourself so much better and with the press of the button you have sky that belted you can chat with family and friends b.f. the web camera and internet aspect. you have trouble boost also built an and hi shannon how areooking fabulous. hello >>host: a/4 >>guest: get to see a great base we engaging and looking at how great your face looks there is no shadowing. this is what i love this is what apple is giving us and has a great processor and i sawhad all these other apps running while we were doing this. your getting speak, a comedian and so much here with the press of a button. if you >>host: 1 it is
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only available as long as supplies last and yes the flex payments expire at the end of the show so tv from its btand and this becomes a necessity in life. to buy the right3 and you are part of the mac world whether you have the eye file you purchase last weekend but i will say if you have a son or daughter was going off to school or college and chances are that they have 40 been told that the schools are using the actapple macbook pro. there is the store in the world that is coin to do at flex payment even if you go to the apple store they will not let you
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leave the for $300 and change. one more thing is that even though flexplay man is only good right now and after i am done remember that it also 12 months of no interest if you use your hsn carter mastercard to make this purchase today you can i found is included the garages included apple at stores included the garage band fun i am interacting in a buy when the sea all the things i am up and running and sleuth ford i did see all these great applications running before me.i
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construe movies directly on my tablet if i as i can jump into i photo if i want and what i love is with the press a button i could take all those photos and turned into holiday presence. do not complicated it can be sometimes to pick those pages but apple they let me with the press a button to create a book from my summer vacation it did all the work for and made a creative spirit begins to photo books, holiday cards and videos because apple makes it smarter with a click of a button. you can't pitch and zoom when you what you have so much more and capabilities that you did not have with other laptops. >>host: it is the perfect union and it works% your other pri feels as well toperipherals. this
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grain in the macbook pro i don note it is looking like on your television but it almost looks like 3d or even better the 3d so whether it is movies, books are graphics this point when the clock expires the flex payment is done. allegis seed left quantity and that is the last 181 quantity available this is the and it is thalassa scheduled hearing. if you have your heart set on the apple macbook pro- you can go to steve the apple store but if you go there if you will not get a
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flex payment option a vip financing. we only do vip financing on a few today specials i year and that is almost like $140 a month on a macbook pro it boggles the mind to get this completed interaction at home for all littleder zero hundred and $49 when you get the once people become part of the macbook world you get spoiled and used during all work for you. >>guest: it is just like when you get that phone our talent and you say while this is what i have been missing? if with the press of a button in makes it so much simpler even with navigation you can have all that technology you have with your i found
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your not a mouse you are just move your fingers and you get the easy navigation and ease of use. the apple macbook pro is responsive you are not waiting for hourglass and that's for the 500 gb i5 core and it gives you a 7 hour battery life when you needed. did you know that 50 percent of all internet traffic right now is based which more speed. you might as well get the best. >>host: low-power you think it would suck out all the
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jews it a 7 hour battery life which is unheard of laptop computer and you know maybe you are looking at 324 hours but this is more than double that you are looking at 7 hour battery life and the other thing love and marriage is a perfect because you have an towel with the mac operating system and in this great thing is if features intel high- definition graphics so we keep saying is the best of world even enhances what alreadyc13 amazing experience.e the clock is getting ready to expire i would love to share the quantity left just one more time because remember bill is all the rest of the day we only have in a few more seconds. >>guest: this is a time to get it you are courted so proud of having an apple
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product in your call and plus getting a good are going to pull it out and coyness and look at her with her mac book and she did notmy mama jose macbook but she did not it at the quantit malmo owns a macbookom bones a macbook but she did not get it at the low price that your getting it. this works hand-in-hand with the ipad from last weekend at the candle fire today's special. kindle
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tablet. there are lots of great pitchers are shannon even the last couple weeks and billy thank you you know love seeing you here. you enjoy your day off. i single back for the show. i love you and thank you bill. bill has sort of the day off will see what happens and keep calling you have the last 130 and over 9000 of our today's special value gone. we have is what we have it is the famous kindle fire lowest price on a tablet
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for the rest of the year or on. do not turn have fallen off bill thank you on the lobby 40 tomorrow.- keep calling all your today's special there is a third of the quantity, and i will be back later today 9:00 p.m. if i doubt we will have the today's special but i will make them do something really good se6 c1 they differ shopping rabin is next. >>host: good morning you are watching clint collector and look who is the
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mike musette, and he is a coin expert and it is a pleasure to have you have you miss so be it a wonderful thanksgiving. >>guest: a great thanksgiving but spent most looking for coins . >>host: always working hard for and it always pays off. will give you a sneak peak, this is the 24 k gold- plated state and territory set. under $100, it is a pick, it is an unprecedented value as far as it goes because when you think about the budget presentation box, $79.95 south fish marketing all of these eight quarters and territory quarters of 3 flexible payments and you cannot be back. even i can figure that one out. here is the mint said starter collection a regional government packaging and you have it on price break this morning.
2:02 am
this is a huge set . >>guest: e have done a price break on this and we do not have very many of these. >>host: i want to let everyone know, we have over a hundred of those and that can sell within this presentation but we do have 40 years of the proof from 1960-2000.this is a holiday pricing. we took $200 off of this. >>guest: extremely limited, we have about 60 of those left. >>host: a lot of the offers we have to with you this morning are extremely+ when you see if you want to see them underneath the christmas tree, hear with quinn
2:03 am
collector, we do have the extended return policy, and took in three 31st and that is a great opportunity. that is what happened out and the cleaner world. >>host: this is the independence half dollar $129.953 flexible payments3 of4 in this is a historical claim. >>guest: the never presented this. and this is from this is a brilliant uncirculated, this is the centennial, and this is the 150th independence and this made famous by the franklin half dollar which of course does not come until 20 years after this point in united
2:04 am
states has a great history of commemorative have dollars. from and this is one of those popular, this is and jefferson. a young thomas jefferson and this is a solid coins , 394-535 and this is quantity of we have never done this said in an hour overnight shows and happily got 59 of these to go around. it will come in and out to the south indebtedness look, it is solid lead down to 57 of these, these will go very this is an actual u.s. in a long history in nearly half a century that this
2:05 am
country collected the vintage and this but to fleet small.and the fact that this is a nice uncirculated coin, this is from and i will put this down this, it is brilliant uncirculated and this will be a sellout right here. forget theiful liberty for all free for stansel come, the exterior packaging will be this right here and you can see, this is an icebox, it will be a perfect gift.that we're down now to 51 of these. lots on the front and this is very busy on cool coins that
2:06 am
were able to get this these switches very unusual. >>host: it is interesting that you got a big quantity when we only brought in 57 but in the world of when collecting, that is a vague collection. >>guest: this sometime of putting coin collections. we buy one or two or three of its time. the deal here for their fur. >>host: these will all go will let you know when they are sold out and this is on its way to customer pet we have hundred 50th anniversary of the independence and this is super cool, 3894-535. >>guest:from 1926, the issue year is 1926 and the queen as well fluff 7000
2:07 am
years old. >>host: in its one or two more refused to the customer pick. coming up, this is coming up next hour or this is 2007- presidential dollars said. you do get presidential dollars symphysis command. there is this about a hundred to go round. $199.99. in the residential dollars it is very popular. >>guest: this is a spectacular opportunity in price on that you do have fully 102 will run on this but that is most definitely a sellout. >>guest: >>host:we have the 2000 proved 69 $10 library of compressbimetallic clang. oin.
2:08 am
>>guest: is rare following in turn soft in terms of the vintage we have a handful of these and we have a spectacular one to own one of america's rare coins and it is like a half old half platinum and gold. >>host: here is your and tax certified, is the highest possible rate got my first date of issue , this is exclusive to hsn it is your eagle dollar, price breakable we have taken $20 $149.95. >>guest: silver as of 4 days per cent last three months or so and our responses to take $20 off. who does that? the final quantities of the point it is a second finish in the second
2:09 am
finished when it is the w and clean and that is the is made by the united states government. --coin will still the view the rest of presentation is 5 stars we are taking $20 off as well. 249 of these in a hundred have already been sold. we are down to the final 400 of these three get less a $20 off, we will sell these out today for tonight, have our last prime time before the holidays. is a 1 oz for silver, do not confuse this, the first issue if is exclusive, our response to that is to take $20 off a month of hundred and 49 of these were the great things of this system not confuse
2:10 am
this withht to their american silver eagle, that does not have a mint mark. the regular silver eagle, and state, more the government will sell these for more assists a premium that we do have certified the first day of issue it is a great opportunity for you. >>host: 4 flexible payments of $37.49 you can spread that out, interest rate and it is not likely away, it is like we get this in four months went to take off we will actually send this out right away. we can wrap it up put it under the christmas tree, you have the extended
2:11 am
return policy, all the way into a chair and read 31st of 2013. if you want to give this to death order the one special and you got married this year in 2012 maybe it was the birth of their first child and anniversary of some of the years celebrating but you want to market in you can market with precious metal. >>guest: it is certified perfect. this is s p extremely limited from thernment 50 times more or so. the 70 makes it more red than that because in coin collecting, it is the single most determining factor is what? condition.from the first day of issue which is months ago certified that it is exclusive to us.
2:12 am
italy be purchased here and do to have this, this is a five-star customer pickup of 300 of these already spoken for and we are about to go under 400 left, it is extremely this morning and silver is up c13 percent over the last two or three months. our responses to lower the prices. we took 12 percent off.we give you the bed of presentation box and we will still give you this, still exclusive, final quantities that we have in second finish first-ever issue right here. it is 8 true the great opportunity and we say, if you get in right there that is the west meant mark perry get--mint
2:13 am
mark it will become a premium and collectible coin. >>guest: this is the w 7 finish. that is faced distinguishing factor. they do prepare the plane chips. it off and construct one. they do prepare that differently. there has been five of these in the history of the united states government, that is it. that is 19¢ 86. this is a one and only extremely this $20 price break that we have right here. well 400 remaining in the entire collection. >>host: it is
2:14 am
a customer picks, highly rated in highly reviewed. we do have the remainingy, or about to dip below the mark. do not meet on this one and as you hit the 6:00 p.m. show all of these will probably go. >>guest: we're down to the quantities on canada last pennies they do not need this anymore see you do get the uncirculated rules the last of the canadian pennies that we do have right there $19.95. >>host: holding on to them because they realize that they're not making that anymore. >>host: here is that our elngccertified it one
2:15 am
at realcoin. >>guest: this is the shipwreck it changed america and the story comes with it and this is how america bought the louisiana purchase, this is a shipwrecked went from 1783 that you see right here and over 200 years at the bottom of the ocean, it is authentic,$89.95 with the red oak presentation box vital 52 of. solid final four dozen of those is all that we have. ship will have a full presentation but we wanted to give you
2:16 am
an opportunity say that up before it is fun but this is what i am this is an unprecedented this is coming in at $275, 5¢ shy $275 over be told by you, we are doing it at over $100, we are including 56 coins , 50 state plus the six territorial quarters for $33.32, over three months, it is a customer, we are also the red oak presentation that is 5 mike this is $79.95 and two with no points and we will share that with you and this is a customer pick $79.95 in this we will include 56 of your orders for $25. >>guest: the acrylic capsules,
2:17 am
these are special aired tight capsules they do have pvc free and you can these we sell 56 of these for $24.95 for the holders the packaging is over $100.we will go ahead and fill it with 56 gem brilliant rculated 24 k gold later united states government issue , uncirculated, every one of these is a sold out limit to the addition and is selling for a premium, you get the entire thing $99.95, you do then have an opportunity and if you can stand the autoship about what it will kick you, that 56 but we have the national parks orders which will show you right here, we started these in 2010, we give you the 2010 this is sold out
2:18 am
limited editions. be of five rare orders put out by the united states government and this is your first autoship that we can get in this. and we have the price of the autoship $14.95 is what you will have for clients that you will have right there. $14.95 and that is going to be forward and you can get those for as long issue like in the program and you may never get those if you do not want them if you just want the 56 to about limited edition government issue , all layered and church 24 k gold and all of that for less than $100, that is absolute the i believe would be the finest holiday christmas get that you can get in there is no doubt about it. you can make this happen with+ the extended holiday return (...)
2:19 am
>>host: the american independence have dollar has completely sold out in congratulations that we will get back to this that we're looking at because as we say it is the perfect gift for the holidays and is the presentation of loan is beautiful. >>guest: this and if you have the hundred dollar limit on gift-giving, like you will get this to someone and they will be upset because they will think that you spent more, and you can say i only spent under dollars on you and you can either fess up or you can say well i thought you were worth the $300. when you get this, if you give this as a gift there will be truly an absolutely amazed but put this on your desk, this is what i told everybody we have 30 day money back guarantee the kaput this on your desk and ask somebody what do they pay for this and if a person in
2:20 am
the returnch is 60 days says less than $200, off one of them says that, send it back. over here, and from a fraud and, this is the coins , and just fight back, and you get all of the coins . that is why you get in the red 0 presentation and what about the utoship? look at every single one of these in gem circulated conditionpresentation 24 k gold and every single one c13 in its own sphere of takeovers, and get all of that and the fox, that is the whole deal.flex pay
2:21 am
is $33 on that deal. and i find that amazing. this stop making it and they can never make those again and please understand that, this is all of the quarters that the united government made in the united states government with the double or come in 1999 and this would make, issued and sold and released in 1999 but this is of american history, every single one of them, a layered and 24 k gold.if you choose to stay in the autoship $14.95 per year and understand, per year. going forward in there is no obligation, you never need to get a single one of them if you do not want to cut much you do
2:22 am
want the other state orders that you have here and of the presentation with the six quarters from not a problem, and you've never have to have another obligation never but if you would like to, go ahead but it is a customer pack. >>host: their art 8 reviews on there. hundred and $74 value for less than $100, plus you get all the national parks quarter scoring forward. --going these in 2008. is that making the ninth six quarters and 2000 if it ever meet them again that if you do not have these will never be able to get to your eyes
2:23 am
is no obligation to gift as the if you want to collect those, fleece said five states per year each and every one was made for 10 only and becoming a sold- out, lamented edition. this was made for 10 weeks in 1999 and that was the only way to get this right here. is not a sold-out, a limited edition and has been for almost 15 years.i remember when this coin, came out and it was sold the very first time on hsn and they went up on the and we sold 10,000 of they're more rare today than they are worth been in every single state, as a popularity it is that 56 american short stories.these kids will determine what went on the quarter so it is
2:24 am
incredible and it is a history lesson today decide it was then. you live every single one of them telling this fantastic american story and you will get every single one of them, jim brulte uncirculated layered and appeared 24 k gold. every one pieces later than 24 k gold. 2000 and is going to be six coins and that will be and that is because this for the territorial and of all of those as well. the first autoship will be first five national parks quarters. that was sold%
2:25 am
arkansas these were sold out for three years. you have to go back to the 1950's this is your first autoship and will get all five of those in the incredible tight holders that we will have right there, everyone of these were put in3 air tight alderson that his defeat this fantastic opportunity for this we have fewer than 700 of these remaining in of people on the phone . >>host: about collecting in general. yet to you are already in the ordering process. i am relatively c13 get to work with mike mezack a lot of quick collecting is something that will become, it is history, you will learn at the same time that you are not collecting something that will
2:26 am
collect dust. you are collecting and sending that you will pass down from generation to generation and you are collecting the piece of history that you can hold in your hand and it will become an interesting story that you do get to learn and then you getect even more, you get to add to that collection when you think of the difficulty getting, like you are getting all 56, you are getting the complete set of the state+ plus we are including the state territories. $274.95 and then you add in the value of the red oaks presentation box the we are sharing with $79.95 in the 1: in its you will buy those take in, day out to pick your clinton but we're including that the and also, add in the air tight holders that is another $25.
2:27 am
just that in the packaging alone, we're talking over $100 and that does not even counting for all look 24 k, brilliant uncirculated layered quarters that you are getting for $33. about how many get steve guess that your friends, your family will open up and it will be the nice gift at first but then it goes by the waste site, they will forget about it but this is one gift that is so impressive so stunning and where it will be the heir to treasure. >>guest: this is not something that goes often relegated to the cause, this is fraught and center and a3 hallway or something like this but this will become a generational touchdown, it will touch every generation as it passes down. it goes down mothers fathers, and in
2:28 am
uncles and this touchesgeneration and it will pass from generation to generation and that is what when collectingis is a perfect example and for the price of the packaging look at this fantastic chest, $79.95, this a solid red of presentation box. $79.95 and the and you will have $25 of the air tight holders said they will be filled withuncirculated, 24 k gold clad quarters. and that you will collect the national parks which of the most pitiful quarters ever made by the united states y are so phenomenally bear that most people that have been making the sport
2:29 am
three years. this is your opportunity to not get as good an opportunity price but also to have one that is the ultimate holiday in the ultimate price that only $99.95 for over $250 value that you will have right there. it is personal american history for the cost of the we will fill that with 50-- of quarters. all sold out limited editions. this has been made in the most 15 years. >>host: when san tab comes, getting cold in their stocking, who does not gold?-- santa >>host: finale to have the value in just a 24 k mac layer old witch's son in and of course, sold
2:30 am
lamented edition for $33.32,6 c13 three months but let us also think about you do still an extended holiday return policy all the way until january 31st but we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee but we're going to double that. like always jokes but when you say turn your back, it is your calling.we do not have to worry about that, you shop with confidence prestigious rich opulent and stunning. >>host: >>guest: liver hundred sold. well over 100 and 100 on the phone line. every one of these cells for a
2:31 am
premium, every one of these areanned 24 k gold and everyone tells story of america the statue of liberty, the only u.s. a government issue a point that has real, the race car on it and every one of them sold, limited editions and it could never be made again, you get it all with one single though col. call. >>host: home. we also have the rating of the silver eagle dollar, this is exclusive to hsn, first minuted in addition graded by anacs. already getting very limited on this and was a prime-time airing tonight. >>guest: yes and
2:32 am
that will be done. if he >>host: are up early this morning or a not wait on bacteria3 over half of the quantities spoken for and won the mentioned, there are 30 last 30 or so out of the el cazador. >>guest: this is an actual 1783 silver coins that was sunk 1784 of the quince coast of mexico. recovered over 200 yearser. it created the issue that made the united states government able to buy the louisiana purchase in is an actionable buried treasure with over two centuries old fort $89.95 and this is one of the most amazing cleanse the of ever been able to
2:33 am
sell the pack 30 left. >>host: i feel like the things we are featuring it is the gas that will opened this and you will say wait a second, let me see. in to any that may see, this is the colorize state and territory quarters complete set 56 quarters coming included. under $100 as well and this is spectacular. mind, vivid 3 d detail like never the artistry is gorgeous customer pet with 21 raving reviews. >>guest: made you a queen collector and we've been doing shows
2:34 am
hist. this is the blunt that all best seven your professional became a passion with you and your has been in he was more of a coin collector but this is the one that you'd like. you of the story of the state quarters but you sought in6 c13 whole new light. lesson 100 to go around. you to understand what this patented colorization process, it is offered to six of the state quarters with the colorization process unlike anything else and we put it in a rout of presentation box which have $25 in the acrylic holders. ou do not find coins of this quantity in this magnitude liberty
2:35 am
and taking my boys up there on of theand as you go through this let every single one of these, if you do go and look at that, that is the color of thec13 right there in the issue go, there is helen keller, of these is so amazingly colored and because of what we have done, look at this right here, i never knew that this was a ship. i did not even know there was a ship outin the white house lighthouse--. what we havee, it is a quality unlike anything we have ever been able to offer if i said that this is what made you into a collector. if he >>host: have children in your life grandchildren this is a perfect
2:36 am
opportunity if you start to build a collection of the show interesting wines, this is a great this is an affordable way. i have seen comments out in the world on some of the chat rooms of these are not decals. >>guest: sometimes a decal those not even match the design and they are just awful. and more money. people do charge more for the bad coins . and nobody does it and if we can get a book that i know we have about one minute or so this give you
2:37 am
count them out when you to look at all of these look at the attention to detail , it is exact, it is precise, it is exactly what supposed to be represented on the coin, it is3 special computerized process unlike anything. --we will let you
2:38 am
know when they're completely gone to january 31st row atop a lot about this this is the perfect way to get this at and we are calling the held because of your and we will show 2
2:39 am
riel useals. the l passive or we have a few of those remaining will have 20 of those remaining.remember when i started showing so everything was very limited and remember what i said to i hope you're getting yours and i hope you'll stay with us and take a quick look at our spotlight with bread. welcome to your broker to guide our brief 3 when new today's special that's what should and i is the stiletto earrings is a chic and sophisticated paris during sparkle
2:40 am
both broke the whole holiday season if you want your about earth sitting especially for we are very own colleen lopez i will be joining us for a live chat in the hsn out tonight 7:00 p.m. tonight to make sure you download the hsn axillary you could chat live with colleen think >>host: [commercial] cut felt ahead
2:41 am
[commercial] offer [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: huge said that we will offer next, this iscollection, this
2:42 am
20 years of coins . for if you want to jump-start the collection this is a sack, $20 off we do have a price break here this morning and you are getting all of the original packaging and 4 flexible payments $42.49. this does break down to broadly and expensive per cent. >>guest: less than $1 a cloying perry again--a coin. >>guest: when the time ever done before, i get got us to price break because $189, it is spectacular the first thing is abbey's up an accord by calling basis and this is a nationally advertised catalog and i did add up all of the coins 7 they
2:43 am
were missing 2 of the coins in the total look all of them individually and i will get it done here and a second $632 for our price, the kennedy half dollars in this collection are basis the washington quarters are $119 on the set on in quebec when bases, susan b. anthony collection are $30.and let me explain to you but this is. you will get a united government issue and said and what it is let me get these outa collection of coins and this is just a clear and here, it is hard but this shot is spectacular but it is all of the uncirculated coins
2:44 am
this is one year and this is 1980, this is of the brilliant uncirculated coins . you're about 75¢ a coin and there are three susan b. anthony and this collection 1983 susan b. anthony. there is also 1979 susan b. hatch is what you will happen here we have $42 worth+ susan b. anthony brilliant uncirculated. the man goes in and circulated as well.% you look of those civil get all of the kennedy half dollars in you will get 20 years, 40acts because the chair has philadelphia mint and memory, 68 and 69.
2:45 am
[reading] you will get in here6 c13 me go here, 1976 and up and get into this at but how about to eisenhower dollars that you will happen here. i do think that this is a good opportunity for you to get those but those are about $15 a piece and if those are theal and this you get two of them carried it. fessof the eisenhower dollar these are janet bryant, uncirculated and that is the denver sets there is the
2:46 am
philadelphia said, that is one year, just 1978 parry @ you get to. all of the philadelphia minted coins and you have 200 clients. this is in one of the most popular items we have ever sold3 $189. we have not sold this in some time. they're all on the original government packaging that is sent the queen sets that you will have here and you have all looked at and you do have the envelope that has philadelphia mint, denver here is i do think i have that one right here, just sequin right here, to c 68, it the
2:47 am
problem is, i do not have many. that never sold as a police of this hundred and $89.95.$109. i never argued against a price break i $189, that is a great is over $600 if you would buy these individually but if i put in aphiladelphia and denver and stiff everyone of those and this is where we get susan b.nthony dollars to put in this set . i have cut open thousands of the sets over the course, and you have you read said 100 of these available. get 20 different years.
2:48 am
each year has two issues you get both men's perry did just the kennedy3 dollars sonic 1 by queen basis--coin by coin basis. though we 38 kennedy have dollars because and 69 only has one kennedy half dollar. you do have 38 kennedy have dollars, all gem brilliant, uncirculated and king get those at a $100 discount to the individual that does not include you can cut open the rest of them and spend them. clients, in this
2:49 am
particular collection and the washington quarters are $119. >>guest: coin collecting thing the biggest you get 90 sets down to 89 sets, this is been the most popular. we do have 88 sacks. 20 years--sets you will be $8 a set . here is the 1976 and that is all of those coins .
2:50 am
almost $4 face value. you have to dollar coins , $3.50 coins , $3.82 face value. $15 apiece because these are gem brilliant from 1976, you pay 75¢ a coin. kennedy have dollars i have fully 77 of these available it will go very quickly. the last year of issue of regular washington quarter and 1998 because she went to state water after% that is the last united states washington corps that has the equal of the reverse3 the philadelphia minted coin in
2:51 am
denver minted coins with the particular set , a very desirable 70¢, have lots of people on the phone and have never3 price break.over $600 if purchased separately. >>host: more people in the order in process than we do haveble there is a counter at the bottom 70 that for sellout, 214 points coming3 over a $600 value coined by quinn hist--coin by coin. pay is it we will be right back with much more.
2:52 am
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2:53 am
[♪ music ♪] [♪ music ♪] >>host: here is the man it said starter collection, we do have 35 left in this is the first 33 left, this is the first time that we had taken $206 c13 mike said i argued against a price break, as the first time ever because it sells $189 and we did $20 off, 4 flexible 214 wines if you break it down, it is $600 coin by coin.amazing >>host: value on
2:54 am
that. 121-035, it is going. >>host: here c13 other a huge set , look at the size, it is filledins and this will be the 40 years separate sets from2000 with the 1976 bicentennial coming included this is how they pricing unbelievable we have taken $200 the hsn pricing will sets in total, and we're including the regional government packaging as well, this is enormous. >>host: 60 last time that will sell for the holiday season. it and there is not enough. it this is the only said that you will
2:55 am
be a full to sell in some time of the have been able to buy enough of this set in the middle which is the 3- piece silver of bicentennial that you will include in this and not only do i give you the regular bicentennial proves that you do get the silver bicentennial presentation said. let me explain to what they prove set is. the since this is a proof of goingdifferently, it is a presentation 1, it has been made specifically for collectors with never intended for circulation, they started making it in the 18th century. starting in they started making proof sets for the general public. they made this said
2:56 am
today, for the birds of so for the original 1936. but i have done here, it does remain one of the popular sets put out by the united states government. get we're down to 56 of the sets in you will have 1960,1964 and the use coins , the dime,half dollar or silver. i know that
2:57 am
from my history and you will have that and the pressure of the have dollar which is in solid silver 1964, right there and you have these and prove, then you go forward in 1964-1967 and they did not make prove sets. they make a set that they intended to makeew sets, and they do not include them because they are more rare and more viable than regular issue from and those are 20 $30 a piece because they're supposed to be there as placeholders. starting in all of these are made in at san francisco and that is what we make, i do have a beautiful prove 1968 silver kennedy
2:58 am
half dollar perry and--proof you can see that if you have the right to in the coin if you find the right all the way down to 54 of these sects >>host: congratulation the men's starter set has completely sold out and that is how it will, that kind of mourning. this is the same opportunities happening on this set , we have a limited quantity, only 54 of these to go around and these will be completely sold out this will not be seeing it later. >>host: we started in 1960 by want to go quickly, what to go 1 by: and these are going very quickly.we started here in 1973, '74
2:59 am
and '75 is the bicentennial year, as of 1976. if you look of the reverse this type 1 and type 2. 1977 in we have (...) susan b. anthony n. in the bicentennial, we also to include the special silver said of the bicentennial that you do see right here the coins and the silver presentation and that is about.50 and i will check back in here just a minute. what have you included? from 1936-2009. the 5
3:00 am
ferris national government sets. since that is why this kennedy half dollar, this one right here $29.95. this will be the first year. these coins right here $75 worth of coins right here and you get the c13 half dollar, that is almost $100 coin by quinn. here's what it comes down to. we're missing three of the franklin dollars because i could not find them in the catalog.
3:01 am
3:02 am
6 c13 >>host: a one quickie remind you this party we took to dollars of hsn price and this is for the limited price for sellout this morning. we do not have many of these to arawn we
3:03 am
includethe original government packaging. mike 40 to do with the scissors? >>guest: this is 3 dollar coin and it is been sealed since 1963 and there seems to be some scratches on point witches' according to the s- mint and see if we can trust them according to the s- mint is due to crease in the packaging and in this instance i will go in and agree with them. this is what a proof coin looks like from 1963 folks spirit that is an original 1963 proof of franklin c13 dollar and that is what every13 point in every single one of these sets looks like an out of the package because it is absolutely stunning united states government issued 0.8 is a solid silver coin and is as well just like
3:04 am
the day it was made in 1963 and that is why it is $43.50. if you get 1962 with that as well. your boy to get olive back and remember the quarter and that is $43.50 and your boy get 5 silver have dollars and those are or to be to order dollars apiece on and i forgot your 6 have dollars coins. but kennedy have dollars alone in this collection just for the3 kennedy half dollar in this collection is $530 and the
3:05 am
designs are a hundred and $30 a box and the pennies arevin this collection in a coin by coin collection in original government packaging and authenticity it is an approved issue since 1968 and the only way to get a as mentioned quite and not one of these coins have been intended to be releasedn and all as you can see here. above $40 and for about half that price i can break yo-- taking to sell you all the way up year 2000 from
3:06 am
1960 year oil began new certificates and this is all included. >>host: yes, all of this will be including your savingare already get a certificate of authenticity and i am torn by a bicentennial set i am gonna grab that walk to the is one of opening up because mike i think just the alone and a bicentennial packaging is truly beautiful. among the clothes you and show you in this presentation your getting it does flips you reverse side. your getting be certificate coming included how patriotic and gorgeous that bicentennial set is. >>guest: contents in those coins asand this is a complete run of vest your order to6 c13 years of these precepts and we
3:07 am
to dollars off and the fact that here is a bottle it or have put a bottle holidays is holiday pricing and we will in the show tonight we do not have enough of them for this. all the original government packaging and many of the coins and here are over $20 so it gives you a potassic opportunity to own thesecialopportunity to on the special. there is not a/s quoin that was intended to be released it the s sampras's commands and it is going to be a 1986 i
3:08 am
that coin is just 12 or 10 bucks just for the coin if purchased individually and that's just what happens is that these coins sets are so open to sell individually. there are only 50 of these sets remaining. >>host: item #231- 632 it is a limited time with a relative pricing we $200 off this morning so we will let youow when these are completely gone as well. we just have another hour of coin collector this hour and we will share with you what's coming up this hour and of course we have our 2000 $10 library of congress bimetallic coin it is extremely limited 4 $2,599.958 as the platinum and gold and my this is a stunning coin. >>guest: the metal
3:09 am
is follicle and platinum envizen platinum plated or layered their actual platinum and gold in the coinactual platinum and gold. these are solid piecesis not layered or plated. >>host: item #207- 250 for 9 $9.90 by this is the silver eagle dollar coin overnight knot-mac /item oin. to this
3:10 am
sells out when it is on all the time is item number038 it is a 1919 one mount rushmore prestige proof 7 piece coin set and might this. it sells for $9.95 with 3 flex pay net of $33.32. >>guest: this is a very difficult coins to get is the only united states coin as a buffalo on and i will show you that is very limited quantity it is always a big seller. % >>host: i we'll have 80 of those to go round and those will be completely gone as well and every time i brings us and a sellout every single time so if you have been missing every time a tiered do not wait.
3:11 am
our 60 piece philadelphia and san francisco mint presidential dollar set in his2011 with four flexplay men's $49.99 and we are also including red oak presentation box which79 value and it is on dock, with no coins ! website " with no points included. mike please explain to us out what this includes our >>guest: the first real let's talk about it by mate is the article that came out and all the major c13 the united states government's order to get rid of the dollar bill3 save the government billions of dollars over the course of
3:12 am
the next 10 years or something like that. they have to get rid of dollar bill and that means we are going to use dollar kleins and these are born to be the ones we will use. i understand if you do not have dollar bills they will have to use coins and they are very popular in canada and they're so popular in matter-of-fact in europe there about to go where they now have anything less than a 10 year-old bill everything else is change and the reason is is because it is so much sauce money to do that. the net united states government has not done that yet and the $2 bills we are only making
3:13 am
and what happened is they are not been available and you have to get huge premiums enables individual coins. 6 c13 ready have a couple of these and resold and inverse started and 2007 presidential dollar and i point to give you all of the007, 2008, 2008, 2011 coins and i am gonna give you the best minted and coins 2007 through 2000 and a 11. am bored to inc1. i am going to give you all 60
3:14 am
those dollar golden dollars for hundred and 9 $9.95 and a court- appointed and $79.170 upset the boy received a $13.50 apiece for the coins and your pain basically if you value the packaging about a $1 and a half. your getting 2008 which are for more difficult to get its u.s.-made they are $11.85 and they should be worth more. the 2010 are the of the heart of the bonds to find and the reason is that 2010 process right now are at retail 8 complete
3:15 am
set 14 set proofs and $65.20 dozen and aid is worth 65 to honor dollars a these are virtually wholesale prices. you get all presidential dollars from that and more. nobody else can basically say you this at $109.95 in the reason i can do this is we broke open the sets for the quarters since we saw approve quarters there. i have lots of presidential dollars that no one else to get their whole hands-on these are the coin to get and there all the s-mint to coins and you get all of the philadelphia man to coins the 2007 denver minted coins.
3:16 am
c13 the nationally advertised catalog is based with from $4 to ore dollar 50 forever coin if you give them $79 value of the packaging with airtight holders that your order to receive with are gonna have the opportunity get on a ship and that is important given the fact that the united states government stop making the coin soft suit for circulation. men's coin starting in 2012 and these are the coins but the government is saying they're no longer making for circulation. thisis quoins a
3:17 am
morgan dollars because they're making them in tiny quantities they're not develops individually so you can get the medibank or post office there were warning given to you in the autoship which is just as important as a crediincredible opportunity wish i have 500, 600 800 i could sell them in the prime time's shows the i am not solvay's and primetime at the part of the year as a sibling can the coins. the biggest issues is of course of and the 2010 proved coins because the presets' those two sets are both 14 piece set and you can buy those two sets. you cannot
3:18 am
simply by the 214 setsby the 14 piece sets. eyelet doily 80 of dozen and ted are absolutely critically important today these coins for you. they are the most expensive modern presets and you have to go way back to get any of those percepts that era's bible a 2 dozen 8 ore 2010 delectable back to the 1950's. i understand these coins have been sold out for 2007, to dozen 8, to dozen and 9 in all of the philadelphia, denver mint coins but the
3:19 am
autoship is just as important and the ownership is just as important as the coins unselling you for $109.95 and that's because the government has some making presidential dollars. your opportunity get 2012 presidential dollars is extremely limited to begin with. we are going to give you these and then you can't find them out there. i was able to come with a hundred and five or hundred and 10 of these with red oak presentation box. >>host: i think when you think about the suburban value and you recognize that it is a prestigious that that celebrates be autoship you are or to get that delivery receive this
3:20 am
4 times a year and $19.95 ended return them at any time you also a 30 day money back a were doubling that 30 day money back guarantee as we have an extended holiday money back guarantee extended to january 31st. >>guest: i want to repeat that you the 20 minted coins and the denver mint coins the reverse and with the autoship you get coins that they do not even make any more is the absolutely to snowberries 20 duties at this price in the red oak presentation box. >>host: is a good deal might with everybody in the ordering process we are more people
3:21 am
calling and what quantity available. the presidential quoins is a set my husband collects i ever getting them for the holidays is a great set the put under the christmas tree. look at 2012 pr69 @ mixed s- mint proof silver eagle dollar coin at the price $129.95 if you like to jump in the process to get your spirit really have 22 left it is i c13 and set it is all the sampras's the mint proof silver dollar 31986-1990 to end 2012 is $1,199.90 by and we are including all of the government's original packaging and mic there is a lot silver included and that. item number 220-125 and we have more coming
3:22 am
up with bellezza check-in with a good friend brett and see what's happening on the spotlight. >>host: thanks and welcome to the spotlight want to make sure it did you know that the holiday is a great time to sign up for the hsn card or the mastercard hsn you can apply and instantly say $20 off on a single item to apply call 800-655-1418 or visit our web site and if i'd been the key word hsn card. if fuel 1 tripod beauty products check up ourte and try our 8 deluxe beauty samples from one of our tent beauty products such as carol's daughter and check out all these products are hsn web site. [commercial]
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[reading] [♪ music ♪] hate, check out the king of coins is here this morning. all, and that was good i am talking about you and i feel like its been awhile we have coins. it is absolutely has and it is our second/show before the holidays. if you are looking for great guests, hint are like our prestige mount
3:25 am
rushmore this is coming up and state to anoka's this is a quick presentation in choice goes dallas. let's get into your 2000 proof 69 $10 library of congress bimetallic said it is number 230-988 and might this is extremely limited isn't >>guest: it really a 17 per available and they did some bimetallic pattern coins many years ago and they made in copper aluminum their own way by six of those that sell for thousands and thousands of dollars. the buy medal in hear another word isbold and have platinum. so you have pure gold and pure platinum it is pretty good stuff right there and it is about 8 g of gold and 8 g of platinum
3:26 am
and its like to begine this fantastic by metallic coin it was done the year 2004 library of congress and it has thatengraving and really made a 27,000 of these coins and to put this in perspective is one of those assets has not been put in 30 years or so. this is library of congress had anniversary and that silver eagle which is 1 oz of silver at it sells for between six and eight dozen dollars in this condition. this of course has a little bit more 40 bucks worth of metal and it has a little bit13
3:27 am
than 40 bucks for the and it has a little bit more800 worth of metal and it. it is a coin that c13 fantastically where to begin with is made at the w. it is the first bimetallic coin that was and like i said is with mint mark is 41 of those coins that is centerpiece of any collection at i have sold as twice in the entire time i been here hsn and it is one of unique coins that this special 9 only because of its rarity but it is a type coin. what it says pedigree to john w. kluge she is one of those coin collectors and history and i came out of his collection because he purchased a bunch of them so it is pedigreed to hamhim.
3:28 am
>>host: % only less than a dozen of those to round and now we have the 2012 pr69 bags s-mint proof silver eagle dollar coin item #231-6 and it is $129.95 with reflects payment of $43.32. is also very limited is the sampras's o-mint proof silver eagle dollars and we've had this before my it was very popular. >>guest: % approved silver eagle dollars and it is very popular coins and they are in the original governmentng and 4 years of1992 and 2012.
3:29 am
>>host: these are also my favorite and yours as well we have these back in stock and a third of the quantity is already spoken for the is only 65 left. it 1991 mount rushmore prestige proof you get these at 3 flex pay net of $33.32. >>guest: is america's only buffalo coin is the seventh of anniversary surely this set be, more collectible and more desirable >>host: hopefully miasmas of watching you us. this will be perfect to put underneath the christmas and you have that holiday extention.
3:30 am
let's move into 2012 mint state 70 it is exclusive to hsn with a limited edition of the silver eagle dollar coin and mic this price we are normally not used to seeing a silver eagle under hundred dollars? >>guest: a limited 75 because as a loss of the quantity because there's all right $30.329 of these and women 65 left outf 13,329 and it comes with the retro presentation box and it is certified first day of issue it is exclusive to us here in hsn employees understand that oak box alone is $14.92.
3:31 am
silver has shot up in the last three months and it went up almost 10 bucks an ounce and to reflect the price and market price today and the fact that is the first day of issue is a ready a year passed the bar and have 2012 and new year's day we are and be and artists sell the 2013 s available so be ready for and mark your calendars will be available all in the last day of september and for those 2013. this will be for those of you that will be tuning and these will be exclusive to us and like i said we are running out of quantity of these we are down to it 24 days 13,003 and and 29. this is what it comes down soon329;.9. for the entire
3:32 am
year is coin to be this coin here at this price it first-aid issues so we give you our best presentation and see year even though we have the lowest price of the year were giving you the regrowth presentation box. wear vanishedwe are under five dozen of these coins and a matter of fact they just went down because people are buying a multiples of and it is at the lowest priced of the year and remember
3:33 am
new year's eve day and night renege the 2013 available spirit yes, as severe as it is special. >>host: limited edition as we have the final 53 to arawn. youwell continued the tradition and that is what it one happen this morning so if you want a ticket vantage this morning with the 3 flex payments $33.32 put this under your christmas tree if you are card ratingcommemorating a special occasion and will let you know when they are completely gone there's only 38ore than those foul lines. item number is25049
3:34 am
$9.95. we assured you we have the 1993 prestige proof set and is i never 908-593 is a customer pick. this is a customer pick honor is a website and we are coins to talk about the mount rushmore do you tell i am excited and we will get the box along with this to begin as. i. cecellia were always happy to present this and always went on air will last time it sold out and as beckon stock. we
3:35 am
have 50 mic available to all round. the things i am gonna show you this 6 serum boxes as a prestige proof set and you have these and bucket duster to begin of authenticity and look at the start to gavotte this is a helpful is this? men and mount rushmore in there. it is always the case with the prestige% a sovereign dollars in year you get all the regular proof sets and there but the so dollar that is actual solar and have dollar is low recall clad dollar but it is a commemoratives have dollar and big both say mount rushmore is the 50th anniversary and we'll have 44 of these left it will sellout and a minute or so. we go up here we all alone
3:36 am
nichols and we have buffalo quarters dollars and this is the only half dollar with the buffalo made by the s-mint.your boys have the buffalo have dollars and i'd started 85 of these island of 33 left and these ago really quickly. let me flip is over again and we call these prestige presets because the government said. they started making these present in the year 1993 and is not making and 1997 repair >>host: i think they should make those again. >>guest: they tried to do that but they're not as good piece that's tonight on our prime tiered* show
3:37 am
we have a lot more. >>host: where colonies the sold out if you are in the ordering process please do not hang up. also coming up next hour we have the singer sewing which is the most recognizable name of of sewing since the mid-1800s they have been bringing us quality machines. this is our commercial grade heavy-duty machine and that this price and only $100.70 $9.95 and we have it available for four flexplay is a $44.99 and you have the value added pressure fee included with free shipping and handling. #951-601 it is a customer pick and eight kids soak virtually threw anything it has the power and technology built into it will make sewing a breeze and a work force at that. now we also
3:38 am
want to share with you this is going to be our 1997 prestige proof set am really have 21 available. this is also a customer pick mike. >>guest:the government did not make many of these are really verdis a few times and it comes with the government certificate of authenticity i they all and 88,000 of these and this is one of theirs and they stop making them because people were buying them. by the time you do all this beautiful packaging and you include the silver dollar in this as well and i am going to flip this because we'll have 21 of these sets and 0 licenses america's national flower it is the
3:39 am
rose. bear >>host: ally do learn all lot a year is rose beds are united states national flower. >>guest: that is our botanic garden flower is the anniversary and a glass prestige reset may buy as its government and i remember when come and buy this set for $159 a night by i believe it is undervalued and with only 30 quantity available. by the way good or ageism website please we have every individual prestige set available but the other 11 individually are available prepared >>host: checked out on our reason website but please stay to we have more
3:40 am
coming up. [commercial] [reading]
3:41 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: mic we have so many good things to share with everybody and running at a tiger >>guest: we are running serious lay on a time will have five minutes for the spirit >>host: singlesilver eagle dollar of these we have 100 available. >>guest: thises a s-mint id proof silver eagle since is a very
3:42 am
first one end and came out of a special presentation sets from share we have the regular issue silver said proof and it comes from this sampras's comment and is is 70 bed anniversary set and i have it for less than the w minted coin it a onetime opportunity to get the very last as mintedeagle that i think that u.s. government will print.this this coin to date been one of the most collectible and desired silver coins i can't sell you one right
3:43 am
now why can you do that? it is very simple it came in a big set and the coin that became with is a reversible coin i sold and what i was able to do an essence is out the s-mint akoya to3 that is less than the w committed mid coin and i can sell those for less the w. mccoy and even though this coin is 10 times or rare and this is more sought after. and is only 2012 of the u.s. government is making a special set to commemorate the 75th anniversary for the
3:44 am
seven cisco men andh severance cisco meantsan francisco mint. they're not enough of these coins are around and 96 government issue this will far whererare " this coin is still under * u.s. coin
3:45 am
for all in $129.905 and in my opinion it is a and presidentiaand on presidentunprecented value. it is a the opportunity to give you this offer the
3:46 am
last time i did this was in 1982 and they did not do them again after that in some special presentation.the vast majority3 made in go west point mint not the status as a man but we have the severance is committed points and impartially i only have a limited quantity on this. mayhap 76 of these coins remaining na eyes states government sold piece set slip out base should sold twice as many than they did. these of the most popularcoins that the ad states that are ever done and as big of limassol out and i do not know+ anywhere as you can get these coins at that price. it is
3:47 am
going to be the several as glomitt did prove silver eagle and a do it again in my piece 75 years for the hundred anniversary of the status command and they have no reason to make at the service as the man and they only did it because it was a special 78 dip anniversary the samples as a man and it took them forever great lover today we are down to five dozen or so of theseopportunity were down to a thousandw dozen of these left. also we
3:48 am
have available ms63 or bettergsa ngc morgan silver dollar item962-821 every time we shows up in carson city itself out. >>guest: this is a certified ministate 63 its and original carson city silver dollar that you are born to receive rights to their parent >>host: this is an historical piece the history and again i never 821 it is a limited quantity with only 30 available to go.we are going to go to ourand 19 our 1878 morganhour 1878 morgan
3:49 am
silver dollar 7- over-8 tail feathers coin. >>guest: wednesday ingrate the dyes on as they put the original tells the others and you know that the eagles can have an even number 0 of tail brothers and flyback that have a on number of tail other supply. this was in the year flyn odd number of others to flyfeathers flay.y.
3:50 am
bear 80 of colors or seven little interspersed part of the daughters and a reuse them a embroided lip this over if you do not mind. let's go of some top and you can see right it is per-share issue one of theat and rare american morgan silver dollars if you go or is the website they have that and it belittles the paper comes included and
3:51 am
it is also silbert so the price $119 is i think is a bargain price. there were thrifty back then so what they did was they reuse the dog which made an error coin or a variety coin and you have the 7 over-8 tail others would say intentionally made but it was only for those eight other guys that they used in the transition to a very perverse of my famous coins we have this available for you right here. >>host: about 137 years old when you look to the detail of how this guy looks we
3:52 am
have this available on a 3 $9.98 this is extremely limited as well and i know you heard all night but when you have something that is ntic, rare or unique it is extremely item number is 2 to 2-391. 222-391. on with some other choices we had available this morning. so we have alsodor ngc certified 8 rials silve. ere
3:53 am
es and it was coin that help purchase the louisiana purchase end up pitcher doesn't match the record as well and look like to reach out " and check on our hsn website% they've got the phew presentation.let's move to our 879 morgan silver dollar with 1878 reverse error coin is priced atnight by with reflects payments 3 $9.98 and we only have 36 of these to go round.
3:54 am
mike ore mixed she needs are different? remember >>guest: these guys are hang parts of their preciousif you will see when they finished making the points in 1878 they did a slight design variation and they had some guys upstairs to the use them. 6 c13 use that and remember they did not make these the reverse on 1878 has a slanted era and you can see the difference in the civil you can tell the
3:55 am
difference is this the varsity end you can see how rare in this enviable collected more. and highly have 23 of the cigar around and once again coin em what you do and of the era is c you consider the difference and the others of the and bailey did that in 1878. >>host: >>guest: yes, i make so much for
3:56 am
historical. you'll get something to demand a lot of ways? they have one as to the eyes us over and i said go much as those. they make another million coins but there's only a tiny fraction because the coins were made with the 0 reverse. >>host: rights as the silver in its suit? glitter >>guest: yes, certainly it is also prepared >>host: subtle for debt is i never 222-402 wind 3 flex payments of also how i
3:57 am
never 23 wine- 1-607 is the 2012 pr69 @ mixed s-mint chris silver eagle dollar and the item number is coming up so. >>host: the saga of some hot lips en and has taken on a new meeting in the whirl of coin collecting this is one of favorites is item number 222-3801 of
3:58 am
the things that they do. >>guest:1 robins design. as you can say the 0 lips 4 double here and so they call their hot lips biggest yet to oversized and plus ... it is an
3:59 am
doubled by chlorine is very rare and very desirable on its tiny fraction and marinas and is 1888 in iwans and you could see with the naked eye is very rare to come by this 1888 morgan silver dollar, lips is an error coin item resumes to zoom

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